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Gunshop owner charged with illegal arms dealing

The managing director of a Yorkshire gunshop has been arrested at a Las Vegas gun show, after the filing of court documents that alleged his involvement in importing illegal gun parts into the US.

Gary Hyde, managing director of York Guns, and associate Karl Kleber, are charged with fraudulently importing more than 5,000 Chinese-produced AK-47 drum magazines into the US from the UK, via Germany. China is subject of a US import ban on weapons. The documents allege that Hyde and Kleber had the magazines shipped from China to Manchester, then tried unsuccessfully to sell them to two US companies, with their country of origin concealed. Though Hyde is believed to be still in the US after being released on bail from a Nevada prison, his exact whereabouts is unknown.

A spokesman for York Guns said: ?We are aware that allegations have been made against Gary Hyde, a director of Jago Ltd, by the US authorities. Though Gary Hyde is managing director of York Guns Ltd, no allegations have been directed towards York Guns and no enquiries have been made by the US authorities. The company will function as normal in his absence.?