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Help fundraise for the GWCT with shoot sweepstake

Shoots across the country are being urged by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to get involved in their free 2013/14 shoot sweepstake scheme to help raise funds for their vital game and wildlife research.

Running a sweepstake is a simple but effective way of fundraising for the GWCT during the shooting season.

The GWCT sweepstake package contains everything necessary to help run a successful shoot day, such as peg markers, shoot cards and cartridge collection bags. As an extra incentive, there is a bottle of sloe gin for every £100 raised and an individual certificate for each shoot showing the amount raised during the season.

The sweepstake package features the striking and celebrated designs by artist Owen Williams.

GWCT regional organiser, Max Kendry, said: “Now really is the right time for those who have not taken part before to sign up. You’ll find the packs are useful for your shoot, you can have fun guessing the bag size, and at the same time you’re raising money that will support the Trust’s valuable work on game management. And the sloe gin always goes down well!”

To take advantage of this great free offer, contact Angela Hodge on 01425 651024 or by email at [email protected]