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Home Affairs report calls for restrictions on shooters

Recommendations contained in the recently published Home Affairs Committee?s report on firearms control have been criticised by the Countryside Alliance, which said that they would penalise the law-abiding shooting community.

Among many proposals, the report said that the age at which an individual is permitted to shoot should be simplified and clarified, that a requirement for partners and recent ex-partners to sign licence application forms merits further exploration, and that the Home Office should consider raising the current licensing fee.

But Robert Gray, the Countryside Alliance?s campaigns director, said: ?Proposed restrictions on shotgun owners and young shooters, and the broad-brush involvement of GPs, domestic partners and increased licence fees would be hugely disproportionate. We will strongly resist any recommendations brought forward that penalise law-abiding shooters without improving public safety and preventing criminals from breaking the law.?

The rest of this article appears in 5th January issue of Shooting Times.

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