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If you like keeping up to the date with the latest happenings in fieldsports and shooting then you should take a look at the Shooting UK e-newsletter. 

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Clayshooting, gameshooting, stalking and wildfowling

All the major disciplines are covered regularly. Our experienced writers have created useful seasonal pieces on just every subject a shooter needs to know about:

Gun reviews

Looking at the latest guns on offer and putting them on test is a popular section for readers of Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette.

In the newsletter you’ll find details of all the latest gun reviews and round-ups of second-hand guns and updates to established favourites.

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You’ll also find details of our latest competitions in the newsletter and reader offers for special events.

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If you always feel like you have too much to do, then having the Shooting UK news round-up delivered free by e mail once a week will make you feel on top of things a bit more. We’ve curated the best content that you really need to know about, so you can just click on it and open. It’s just a 5 minute read but literally keeps you posted.

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