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Hunt followers join clear up

Hunting and rural communities have united to take part in a cleaning-up initiative, clearing rubbish from hedgerows, roadside verges, footpaths, riverbanks and fields across the UK. The Countryside Alliance’s annual Countryside Clean-Up took place between 16 March and 1 April with representatives including hunt staff, farmers and landowners. 

The Warwickshire Hunt enlisted the help of children wearing hi-viz clothing on ponies at their dedicated clean-up operations. The Albrighton and Woodland Hunt collected a total of 51 bags of roadside litter including “wheel hubs, tyres and other unmentionables”. 

Polly Portwin, director of the Campaign for Hunting, thanked supporters and said the initiative would help to protect wildlife “by removing potentially harmful items out of their way”. 

She added: “Discarded rubbish is a terrible blight on the countryside and those who drop litter have very little regard for the potential consequences of their actions.” 

The Alliance has a long campaigned against fly-tipping and littering and supporters were also asked to record and identify the items they retrieved. The CA hopes to raise the issue with Westminster and is encouraging MPs to debate the problem and discourage littering associated with takeaway chains.