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Hunting Act

The Countryside Alliance says that new statistics on the number of cautions, fines and convictions relating to the Hunting Act show that the legislation is ?unworkable?.

The figures, released last week by the Ministry of Justice, show that 97 per cent of convictions since the Act came into force relate to poaching or other casual hunting activities, including at least seven people who have been convicted of hunting rats.

Chief executive Alice Barnard said: ?With the opening meets of the hunting season around the corner, these statistics are a damning indictment of the failed Hunting Act.

?As a piece of legislation it has been condemned widely, yet law-abiding hunts are still forced to go about their daily lives under the threat of harassment and intimidation from saboteurs. The evidence is now overwhelming: the Hunting Act must be repealed.?

The rest of this article appears in the 2nd November issue of Shooting Times.

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