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Hurry! Only six days to lobby your MP to support an amendment to the 2004 Hunting Act

It is reported that the Government will propose amendments to the 2004 Hunting Act as early as Thursday next week

fox hunting

fox hunting at dawn

If MPs vote in favour, the 2004 Hunting Act could be amended by the end of this year. It would bring policy in England and Wales into line with that of Scotland, where more than two dogs can be used to flush foxes to the gun. At present only two hounds can be used.

Farmers will be able to call on the services of the local hunt to use more than two dogs to protect livestock, as well as game birds. The amendments will also make it easier to despatch foxes suffering from mange and other diseases.

Taxpayers have counted the cost

Many people think that the hunting ban was bad law and even its instigator Tony Blair has said he regrets having introduced it and admitted not knowing enough about the debate. Police have been overstretched trying to enforce the ban and it has cost the taxpayer millions.

Time to lobby your local MP

The Countryside Alliance says: ”We still believe that the Hunting Act needs to be scrapped, but in the circumstances these amendments meet the immediate needs of the rural community.

“The amendments are logical and evidence-based, and would ensure that farms are able to decide how to manage the fox population in the most effective and humane manner.

“The changes may go to a vote next week so the focus is now on winning that vote.

“We need every single person who supports hunting to contact their MP again and make their views known on this issue. Using this link you can email your MP, but please don’t stop there. Forward this campaign to your friends and family and post it on social media as well. Please also send any response you receive from your MP to [email protected] to further our lobbying activity.”