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Contestants on I’m A Celebrity become pheasant-eating fans

Many were tasting game for the first time

cock pheasant
Great British Game Week got a real publicity boost this week when ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here put pheasant on the menu.
To earn the delicious meal for the whole team two contestants had to drink some fairly revolting sounding smoothies (one was made from a pig’s snout) and their resilience was rewarded.
As the pheasant meal was announced the whole team cheered and clapped. Member Vernon Key would appear to be a fan of game already, saying: “Hallelujah! We’ve got some normal food. I can’t believe it, we have something you would actually eat at home on a plate.”
He took over the cooking, putting the ready dressed and plucked bird in a large pot with some herbs.

“Big meaty pheasants”

Of course, shooters know that pheasant is very nutritious, low in calories and fat but high in protein and vitamins. This health information seems to have passed by Radio One’s Jordan North who announced: “I don’t think I’ve had it before. Big meaty pheasants – we’re going to have gout by the end of the night!”
The cooked pheasant was served on a bed of rice and beans and was enjoyed so much that game meat would seem to have won some new fans.

Victoria Derbyshire commented: “Honestly it smelt delicious. I’ve never had pheasant before, so I’m really really really looking forward to this meal!”

“Like chicken but better”

Jordan North enjoyed his first taste of the bird saying: “Oh my god it’s fantastic! It’s like chicken but better.”
Russell Watson summed up saying: “We’ve just had such a great meal. It was absolutely fantastic. I think it’s the best meal we’ve had since I arrived in camp.”
Shooting UK got in touch with the producers of I’m A Celebrity to ask who had decided on the (genius) idea of serving the contestants pheasant and where was it sourced from. However the programme makers replied saying: “I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to accommodate this request.”
However it does seem as though pheasant has gained a few more celebrity fans which is excellent news.