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ISSF Shotgun World Cup 2010 takes place in Dorset

ISSF Shotgun World Cup takes place in Dorset.
This is the first time the ISSF Shotgun World Cup has been held in the UK and the first time in over 30 years Great Britain has hosted an event such as this.

Around 350 competitors from 49 countries are set to descend on the Dorset countryside on Tuesday May 11th until Thursday May 20th.

The Southern Counties Shooting Ground has been enhanced in the run-up to the competition with the special construction of spectator stands and electronic scoreboards

It?s hoped a large number of spectators, particularly locals, will take the opportunity to see the world?s top sportsmen and women at close quarters.

Peter Underhill, chairman of the organising committee, said: ?It is an underrated sport, mainly because it doesn?t get the exposure it warrants, being an Olympic discipline. But this offers a prime opportunity for people to come and watch this exciting sport at close quarters.?

Tom Wenham, event director, Sportswork, added: ?It?s a great opportunity for people to come and see Olympic athletes, the best in the world, and most importantly, British and Dorset athletes.?

Sherborne local, Peter Wilson, is the current British No1 in double trap and is a favourite for a medal at the event.

Other top British competitors include, Abbey Burton from Wellington, Somerset, Aaron Hedding from Lincolnshire and Rory Warlow from Plymouth

All are currently undergoing final preparations for the Shotgun World Cup, which runs from next Tuesday May 11th until Thursday May 20th.

The event will feature not only all the current world champions but also a number of previous world and Olympic medalists, with China, Germany, Russia, USA, Italy, Kuwait and Great Britain favourites for honours.

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