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How the Jugged Hare served grouse on August 12th

Watch this video to find out how a London restaurant managed to get grouse on their menu on August 12th

grouse race

The Jugged Hare in London won the Glorious 12th grouse race by becoming one of the first restaurants to successfully transport grouse from the moors of County Durham to their plates within ten hours.

As the videos show, the grouse was shot at Blanchland in County Durham with the first drive at 09:30am. By 12:30 the first 40 birds were loaded into the Range Rover and driven to Yorkshire Game. The birds were machine plucked and then dipped in hot wax then cold water so the remaining feathers could be easily removed.

Just half an hour later, the prepared grouse were loaded back into the car where they continued their 290 mile journey to the City.

The birds arrived at 6pm and the first grouse of the season was served at the Jugged Hare at 6:45.