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Keepers call for less red tape

In its submission to the White Paper on the future of England?s environment, the National Gamekeepers? Organisation (NGO) has called on the coalition Government to value the contribution to conservation made by game management and asked for red tape to be cut to allow keepers to do their job more effectively. It stated: We need Government to support and encourage game management and to give it praise and recognition from the top.

It argues that the previous ring-fencing approach to conservation has failed to achieve the benefits for which it was intended and calls for a more balanced, flexible and engaged approach to wildlife management. The submission suggests that rather than issuing blanket legislation, laws relating to the protection of animals and habitats should be applied on a case-by-case basis and reassessed over time: We need a legislative approach that allows us to harvest or control species that are becoming numerous but which lends protection to others which are struggling? The essential element in getting this right will be the ability to move species on and off the various protections schedules as their populations change and species relocate.

The rest of this article appears in 10th November issue of Shooting Times.

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