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LACS poll finds Scots are against grouse shooting

The poll asked respondents whether they supported grouse shooting.

A poll commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), a campaign group that works to outlaw fieldsports, has found that 60% of their survey participants are against grouse shooting.

LACS says that three-quarters of Scots are against grouse moorland management practices like predator control, and 73% were against practices such as muirburn – the controlled burning of moorland to stimulate heather regrowth to benefit red grouse.

The survey, which polled 1,940 people, was commissioned by LACS on behalf of Revive, a campaign group that is against grouse shooting and fronted by Chris Packham, who hosted their national conference in Perth last week.

Lindsay Waddell, former National Gamekeepers’ Organisation chairman and an upland keeper, told ST: “It all depends upon who was polled and where they live. Poll a rural area and you are very likely to get a pro result, poll an urban one and you won’t. Sadly, rural life has come down to the fact that very few rural residents know anything about rural land management other than the diet of what the popular media issues, and most of it is anti-shooting management built on a stream of bias by so-called experts.”