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Latest hunting research released

The Middle Way Group (MWG) released the findings of its most recent research into the effects of the Hunting Act at The Game Fair.

Researchers interviewed more than 600 sheep farmers in order to gain evidence of the effects of the Hunting Act in relation to fox control. The findings revealed that the number of foxes being killed has remained the same, but wounding levels have increased.

Lembit Öpik MP, co-chair of the MWG, said: ?We are launching the MWG as the key research body for hunting.? In a statement Mr Öpik said: ?The MWG told Parliament in debates leading up to the Hunting Act that welfare would be worsened by an unprincipled approach. Now we have proof that this is the case. The RSPCA, IFAW and LACS have sacrificed animal welfare for a political victory. The only principled course of action is to work with the MWG and others to seek a welfare-based solution to the fox control issue.?