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League Against Cruel Sports video taken down

LACS video breaches copyright.
An anti-shooting video made by the League Against Cruel Sports was removed from YouTube and Vimeo last week after the animal rights group was accused of breach of copyright.

Gunsmoke and Mirrors promised to ?lift the lid off the shooting industry?, but was taken down less than 24 hours after being launched, when BASC noticed the film included clips from its own Introduction to Pheasant Shooting.

It was an embarrassing blunder by the League, which later republished the film with the copyrighted material removed.

BASC?s Simon Clarke said: ?The film presents a distorted and misleading view of shooting today. It is full of outdated clips and outdated ideas about everything from game rearing to predator control and the growing market for game.?

?It includes shaky activist footage from up to 10 years ago and is stuffed with so many factual errors that one has to question whether the League has deliberately set out to lead viewers up the garden path, or has simply got its facts wrong.?

?BASC will continue its work to ensure that MPs and the wider public are given a true picture of gameshooting, its contribution to conservation and the economy and, of course, the taste and health benefits of game meat.?

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