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Leica wins legal battle, starts selling Magnus riflescope

Leica wins three-and-a-half year legal battle with Swarovski and can now sell the Magnus riflescope in the UK

Leica magnus riflescope

You can now buy the Leica Magnus riflescope in the UK after a lengthy legal battle with Swarovski has been settled in Leica’s favour.

At the trade show IWA OutdoorClassics in 2011, Swarovski claimed Leica had infringed their patent. The Swarovski patent was for scopes with a zoom greater than four that gives a wide peripheral view, avoiding a tunnel effect at low magnifications.

Leica claimed the patent was invalid, arguing that the technology used to produce the wide peripheral view was known to be state-of-the-art and not the result of specific innovation by Swarovski. Swarovski won their legal challenge in 2013, which was upheld on appeal earlier this year. The European Patent Board of Appeal has since sided with Leica, revoking the patent from Swarovski and giving Leica the legal ability to sell the Magnus riflescope in the UK.

“Patents are for protecting innovations and developments but should not prevent free and fair competition,” said Stephan Albrecht, director of the sports optics division at Leica Camera AG. “Standing shoulder to shoulder with other leading sport optics manufacturers, Leica Camera AG has continuously stressed that the patent held by Swarovski Optik KG does not protect any specific innovation; instead it describes something already known by all manufacturers to be state-of-the-art. We are very pleased that the European Patent Office agrees with our opinion and that the sale of our products will no longer be impeded by this dispute.”

The Leica Magnus riflescope is characterised by a wide field of view, a greater than six-fold zoom range and their mechanical robustness and durability.

The first shipment of the Magus riflescope is expected imminently. Contact Edgar Brothers for more information.