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Lloyds TSB bank refuses gundealer

Chris Wood, who recently took over the ownership of Cranleigh Field Sports, a gundealer based in Cranleigh, Surrey, told Shooting Times that he could not use the Lloyds TSB Cardnet services. The company had a long-standing account with the bank, but as a “new” client, Mr Wood was asked to sign an affidavit saying that frearms sales would not be included in credit or debit card transactions. Previously, BASC trade members enjoyed access to Lloyd’s TSB Cardnet schemes, which offered good savings.

David Ilsley, head of BASC’s marketing and membership services, told Shooting Times: “BASC trade members were able to access the Lloyds TSB Cardnet scheme for several years and many made significant savings. However, in mid-2012 we were told that, under new terms, the bank would not be taking on any other BASC trade members — this was a policy decision within the group. They promised to keep serving any existing BASC trade members but, as Chris found out, they will not take on any new ones.

The rest of this article appears in the 27th March issue of Shooting Times.

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