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Looking for a gundog puppy? A gun? Have something to sell? A gamekeeper vacancy?

The Shooting UK Marketplace is the perfect place to buy and sell within the shooting community and placing your ad is free

Are you searching for a gundog puppy locally? Or maybe you want to publicise your shoot?

On the hunt for a gun or a gamekeeping job? 

Searching for farm equipment or supplies?

Then you should visit the Shooting UK Marketplace.

Here we currently have over 2000 guns for sale in the UK – shotguns, rifles, airguns and antique guns. You can browse for what you’re looking for by manufacturer or price.

As for gundogs, there are Labradors, English springer spaniels, cocker spaniels, Hungarian vizslas and cross breeds – with other breeds frequently available.

English springer spaniel puppies

English springer spaniel puppies currently offered on the Shooting UK Marketplace


You can search for what you’re looking for by location to discover what is near you.

Categories on the Marketplace for buying and selling are: Guns, dogs, jobs, game farming, shooting accessories, shooting available and other.

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The Shooting UK Marketplace is followed by readers of the UK’s most popular shooting website, so you know that you’re going to be reaching like-minded people.

And if you’ve something to sell, there’s really no better place to spread the word. In addition, placing an ad is free for 60 days and you can do it simply and quickly online. Write it yourself, add some pictures (and video if you like) and we’ll post it on the website for you in your chosen sales category (after checking it meets our guidelines). If you have any questions, call our advertising team on 0203 148 2872 or email [email protected].

Take a look at the Shooting UK marketplace now and see what’s in it for you.