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Meet Matt Clark – Sporting Gun’s new Editor

An experienced journalist, Matt Clark has been shooting since he was a youngster

Matt Clark

Matt Clark wants input from the readers

Matt says: “I’m very lucky to have a job that combines my professional skills with my passion. Working on a magazine that I grew up reading is a tremendous privilege and I know many shooters would give their eyeteeth for this job.”

Matt started shooting airguns when he was eight years old and it wasn’t long before he bought his first shotgun, a single-barrelled Baikal. He spent his youth rough shooting on farmland in Cumbria and if he wasn’t doing that, he was out rabbiting with his lurcher. Since then he has used a large variety of guns, rifles and “bigger stuff”, such as the British Army’s former tank-buster, the MILAN missile system.

Previously Matt was the editor of Air Gunner magazine and before that worked on automotive magazines and newspapers. He wants to put the readers at the heart of the UK’s best-selling shooting magazine and said: “To take it to even greater heights I need the help of the readers. Their input in terms of what they want to see covered in the magazine is vital and, in return, I hope I can do them proud.”

You can e mail Matt with your ideas and stories here.