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Melissa Rigby to work with John Rigby & Co.

Melissa Rigby, an ancestor of the founder of John Rigby & Co., will produce enamel work to feature on its Rising Bite, London Best and Big Game rifles.

Melissa Rigby, a London-based goldsmith and enameller, and the great, great, great granddaughter of John Rigby, was invited to join the firm by managing director Marc Newton during her visit to the John Rigby & Co. workshop and showroom in Vauxhall.

John Rigby & Co. managing director Marc Newton said: “Meeting Melissa Rigby, who actually resembles some of her Rigby ancestors, gives me an enormous sense of being able to touch the past. The fact that she is a goldsmith and enameller is amazing and to have someone with direct links to Rigby’s founders contributing to our rifles is absolutely momentous. Moreover, it is clear that Melissa has inherited her ancestor’s passion for excellence, attention to detail and perfectionism.”

Melissa Rigby said: “It was incredibly exciting to visit Rigby’s premises, to meet the team and to learn about the range of rifles they make. To be asked to produce some enamel work for these rifles is a great honour and I am sure my ancestors would be immensely proud to know someone from the Rigby family is still involved with the business.”

John Rigby founded John Rigby & Co Gunmakers in 1775.

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