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Metropolitan Police firearms team’s “personal vendetta”

Mr Wells had been accused of unlawfully supplying pistols that were not properly restricted to two shots.

He was found guilty of three minor offences.

When sentencing, the judge agreed that there was an element of ?perhaps over-zealous supervision? of Mr Wells from his local firearms licensing team.

The previous case involving Mr Wells was reported by Lewis Nedas & Co. Solicitors:
Laura Saunsbury acted for Mike Wells, a well known figure in the shooting community, in his trial for offences relating to the transfer of a modified Buckmark rifle.

Mr Wells is not only a registered firearms dealer but also the general secretary of the Sportsman?s Association of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, an organisation which campaigns for fair and effective firearms legislation.

This case was effectively a test prosecution on whether the Buckmark firearm, as modified by Westlake Engineering, is a ?rifle? or ?pistol?, and so whether it can be placed on a club firearm certificate.

Following a trial lasting 5 days at Kingston Crown Court, in which the jury were directed that they should only convict if they were satisfied this firearm is a pistol, Mr Wells was acquitted of both counts on 26 November 2010.

Whilst the jury?s decision in this case does not formally set a precedent, gun clubs wishing to acquire such a modified Buckmark rifle, may wish to refer their local police firearms licensing department to the outcome in this case as being highly persuasive.

The case involved a considerable amount of expert evidence both for the Prosecution and the Defence and therefore Laura Saunsbury?s experience in firearms law was invaluable in the thorough preparation of the case.

Mr Wells was superbly represented in court by Simon Kitchen of Counsel from Dyers Chambers.

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