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More Scottish venison to be delivered to those in need

Scottish Venison and The Country Food Trust are working together, to ensure more Scottish venison is delivered to charitable causes

Pulled venison pie with mash

Pulled venison pie with mash

Scottish Venison is engaging with The Country Food Trust (CFT) to maximise the amount of wild venison coming from Scotland’s uplands, lowlands and woodlands that reaches food banks, food kitchens and other charity outlets.

Venison producers (deer managers) donate carcasses which are then processed through Scottish game dealers and processors for supply to The Country Food Trust. The venison is then distributed via CFT in Scotland either through CFT’s own venison ready meals or direct to charity kitchens.

Healthy protein

Richard Cooke of Scottish Venison, says: “We anticipate more venison coming into the supply chain as the deer sector responds to calls to increase its cull by an additional 50,000 carcasses and it is important that this supply is put to good use. We have been in discussion with the Country Food Trust for some time to set up a system whereby the supply of wild venison to the charity sector can be facilitated and encouraged, should estate owners, forestry companies and others wish to donate to help in the fight against food poverty. What has been developed is a very simple process that will enable this healthy protein to reach people who need it.”

SJ Hunt, Chief Executive, The Country Food Trust, said: “By working with estates and deer managers, we hope this initiative sees the necessary cull be used for the good of feeding Scottish people. The process of providing locally reared meat to the local community is a sustainable and ethical way of making sure the cull is utilised to feed people in need. We are delighted to be working with Scottish Venison to promote this initiative and call on all involved in deer management to get in touch.”

Fight against food poverty

David Lowes, Managing Partner of Glenfalloch, located in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, said: “Glenfalloch, as a significant producer of venison for the game dealer/processor trade, welcomes this brilliant initiative to facilitate the use of wild venison in food banks, food kitchens and other charity outlets. We have been involved in discussions between Scottish Venison and the Country Food Trust from the outset and we believe this is an important initiative which should broaden the appeal of wild venison whilst helping the fight against food poverty.”