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National Shooting Week

National Shooting Week is currently taking place, aiming to get people of all ages to take up shooting.

national shooting week

The seventh annual National Shooting Week, run by the Countryside Alliance with the support of the British Shooting Sports Council, cross-party politicians and Olympic double trap gold medallist Peter Wilson, is currently taking place with events all over Great Britain.

The event concentrates on target shooting. Dozens of shooting grounds are opening their doors with tailored lessons, rates and offers to temp people to take their first shots.

Olympic gold medallist Peter Wilson said: “Shooting is an amazing sport. It instils strong values of respect, honesty, safety and a competitive spirit in those taking part, so is a great sport for children to get involved in.”

National Shooting Week is looking to promote respect for and understanding of legal firearms and airguns as well as provide opportunities to try for Olympic and Paralympic disciplines on a nationwide scale.

The Countryside Alliance hope National Shooting Week will introduce target shooting to a larger number of the population and encourage newcomers to join shooting clubs.

Helen Grant MP, Sports Minister said: “National Shooting Week provides an excellent opportunity for people to try the sport out for the first time, guided by expert coaches at clubs across the country. Who knows, it may help discover an Olympic shooting champion in the future.

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