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New Beretta 486 Parallelo side-by-side shotgun

Beretta 486 Parallelo side-by-side shotgun

A Browning 486 Parallelo side-by-side

With a classic, elegant design and many significant technological features, Beretta has created a very different gun.


Beautiful to look at with a rounded body receiver and floral engraving, the gun has a graceful feel and is beautifully balanced.

The rounded action has been achieved thanks to the new trigger plate mechanism.


Beretta has created a modern twist on a traditional demi-block design, which they call Triblock Technology.

This new barrel construction is perfect for this traditional style of shotgun, eliminating the welding line which is inevitable with a monoblock design and adding to the refined look of the gun.


The gun benefits from a single selective trigger and as you would expect from a Beretta, has fast and precise trigger pulls, thanks to the V springs in the trigger mechanism.

The new 486 will be available with 28” as well as 30” barrels – a length which has never been available before. They will be available in fixed and multi-choke specification.

All multi-choke barrels will be superior steel proof tested.

A further feature of the gun is the ejector system which allows the shooter to choose between an automatic ejection, and manual extraction, of the spent cartridge.

The SRP is £3,800 fixed choke and £3,875 multi choke.

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Beretta 486 Parallelo side-by-side shotgun