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New Beretta A400 Action semi-automatic 20-bore

New Beretta A400 Action Semi-Automatic 20-bore.
This versatile gun is lightweight and low on recoil, making it an excellent field gun for youngsters and ladies alike; or equally suitable for anyone looking for a lighter auto.

Equipped with many of the features that have made the A400 such a success, the 20ga can be used with absolute confidence regardless of quarry, ammunition or season.

The mechanism of the A400 Action is a triumph of engineering, that distinguishes itself from all other systems on the market, with its exceptional cycling speed.

Being the fastest semi-auto to cycle follow up shots, means increased chances of hitting the target.

The A400 Action also features
The new Beretta ‘Blink’ gas system for reliable speed and unequalled functioning.

Steelium barrels – engineering precision for improved shooting performance.

The finishing on the A400 Action’s receiver is an innovation in the world of hunting shotguns.

Offering the protective characteristics of anodising with a beautiful brown-bronze colour.

From the fore-end insert to the trigger guard, each component of the A400 has been constructed to optimize form, weight and functionality.

The RRP is £1400 or with Kick-Off £1500, available in gun shops now.