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New Scottish Squirrel plan

The National Trust for Scotland has revealed that it is to carry out a squirrel census at all of its properties over the next year, as part of its new red squirrel conservation plan.

The Trust has red squirrel populations at many of its properties, including the stronghold of Brodick Country Park on Arran, and says that establishing the extent of both red and grey squirrels at its properties will help give a picture of the distribution of both species across Scotland.

Nature adviser Lindsay Mackinlay said: ?People are rightfully concerned about the future of polar bears and tigers on this planet, yet they often forget that some of Scotland?s very own species are also in trouble. One of those is the red squirrel. ?A lot of organisations and landowners are deeply concerned and are working hard to save the species. It seems only right that the National Trust for Scotland continues also to work hard to conserve one of our most iconic mammals.

The rest of this article appears in the 19th October issue of Shooting Times.

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