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News in brief this week: clarification on lead ammo ban and positive signs for capercaillie

Two key pieces of news from Shooting Times this week


Clarification on ban of lead ammunition

Last issue, ST ran a news story suggesting that the use of lead in ammunition could be banned in the autumn of this year. Rather than any bill being put before parliament, ST understands that in fact the final dossier of evidence will be put before Thérèse Coffey in the autumn, for her to decide on without further scrutiny.

At that point, she could enact the ban with the minimum 18-month transition period, leading to the ban actually coming into force in spring 2025. Campaigners such as BASC are hopeful that the transition period will be longer, but all seem now to accept that the ban will happen.

Positive signs for the capercaillie

At least 30 capercaillie hens attended leks in managed forests on Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) land in Strathspey this year, marking the highest number in years. Numbers of males also increased from 52 in 2020 to 58. (Read more on capercaillie here.)

Kenny Kortland, wildlife ecologist for FLS, revealed that the hen numbers remain a “conservative estimate” and more may have been hiding around the site.

“Although it’s encouraging to see the number of males is up this year, following year-on-year declines since 2019, it was particularly encouraging to see at least 30 hens in attendance this year, which is fantastic,” he said.