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NGO in opposition to shotgun qualification

THE NATIONAL PROFICIENCY Test Council (NPTC) released a consultation on the introduction of a new level 2 Certificate of Competence in Live Quarry Shooting in February. The NGO laid out its concerns in its response, highlighting the success of the current system of self-regulation of live quarry shooting within the law, as well as initiatives such as the Code of Good Shooting Practice and the Shoot Assurance Scheme.

On the issue of self-regulation, the NGO writes: “The idea of an official certificate of competence cuts right across this approach, not least by implying those who do not have such a qualification are in some way incompetent.”

The NGO is also concerned the qualification might lead to more regulation and the effect this could have on the numbers of people shooting. Ultimately of course this could have a detrimental impact on the number of available gamekeeping jobs.