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Nightime shooting demonstrations to be held

Designed to solve the age-old problems associated with night vision, this innovative new product quickly turns your air gun’s day scope into a night-time equivalent.

Developed to give a recognisable image up to a distance of 200 yards with the NS200 model, and in excess of 50 yards for the NS50 model, this new form of night vision is set to rival most traditional tube based designs and even the latest range of digital rifle scopes in terms of cost vs. performance.

The NV unit fits snugly to the end of your scope whilst the monitor and IR unit clamps to the top of any standard 30mm or 1” optic.

As the Nite Site negates the need to re-zero or adapt your current air gun setup in any way, an after-hours rifle can be readied in a matter of minutes.

For more information contact Sportsman Gun Centre Newport.
Tel: 01633 250025
Email: [email protected]

Event address:
Severn Side Ranges
7 Tunnel Junction
NP26 3UE