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Now Wild Justice starts a legal challenge against Defra

In a newsletter sent to supporters, Wild Justice has announced its action against Defra on gamebird release

partridges flying over Maize

Wild Justice has sent a newsletter to its supporters stating that it has started a new legal challenge of Defra’s lack of monitoring of compliance with regulations on gamebird releases General Licence 43 (GL43).

In its newsletter Wild Justice says: “Natural England tells us that it doesn’t monitor compliance with GL43 – it says it’s Defra’s responsibility. Defra tells us it doesn’t monitor compliance either. So … we have no way of knowing whether the regulations … are working or not – even in terms of whether the game-shooting industry is complying with the regulations.”

The newsletter ends with a call for donations to support the work of Wild Justice and is signed by the directors of Wild Justice;  Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay.

Lindsay Waddell, Shooting Times contributor and former chairman of the National Gamekeepers Organisation said: “If life was not difficult enough for everyone in the shooting world Wild Justice is trying to achieve their aim of making it worse. Let’s hope the various government departments carry on making life the least complicated they can for those on the ground and not agree whose responsibility this is! That will kick the tin down the road for a while.”

A gamekeeper who wishes to remain anonymous says: “No one should be in any doubt, that Wild Justice’s latest legal action has nothing to do with concerns about the environment, and everything to do with their anti-game shooting agenda.”

BASC has also announced that it is starting legal proceedings against Defra concerning GL43.