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Ofcom finds in favour of Kennel Club complaints

Ofcom has ruled that the BBC1 documentary entitled Pedigree Dogs Exposed, which was broadcast on 19 August 2008, was unfair in its handling of a series of allegations against the Kennel Club (KC).

The controversial programme, which alleged that events, such as Crufts, awarded top prizes to unhealthy and inbred animals, led to the BBC deciding not to broadcast the annual dog show for the first time in more than 40 years.

Ofcom ruled that the documentary was edited fairly, but did not give the KC proper opportunity to respond to all the allegations.

In a statement, Ofcom said that the BBC had not allowed the Kennel Club the right to reply to an allegation about eugenics and a comparison with Hitler and the Nazi Party; or an allegation that it covered up the nature of a surgical operation carried out on a Crufts Best in Show winner.

The rest of this article appears in 6th January issue of Shooting Times.

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