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Olympic shooting blog 12/7/11

He then shot 22 in the single barrel flash-final which left him on 144.

It was a shame that all six finalists had not got quotas for their country, so with only two available to win it was fight to the end.

So the two quotas for London 2012 go to SERRANO Jesus (ESP) 146 x150 and Michael Diamond (AUS) 146 x 150

Edward Ling finished 23rd with 120 x 125 and Carl Exton 44th with 118 x 125

Today is the Double Trap Competition.

The weather is very hot but storms are around.

When driving to the hotel yesterday we went through massive rain storms and when speaking to some people when I arrived they said that heavy hail stones had been falling during the day.

Double Trap has 12 squads so 72 shooters approximatley.

GBR shooters are Matthew French, Peter Wilson and Steven Scott.

Good luck to them all. Will let you know how it all goes later…

Tomorrow will be official training for Olympic Skeet Women and Men.

Starting very early 8am and finishing approx 6:30pm so very long days.

We hope to get three rounds of training but with it being so late we may only shoot two rounds and get back to the hotel for rest to prepare for another long day of competition on Thursday.

Clive Bramley