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Pairs room opens at Chris Potter Country Sports

Unique gunroom showcasing collection of pairs opens at Chris Potter Country Sports in Tunbridge Wells

chris potter pairs room

Chris Potter Country Sports opened their unique Pairs Collection gunroom yesterday.

The new gunroom is located just across the road from their gunshop in Kent. Designed to exclusively showcase pairs of shotguns, the Pairs Collection is a dedicated space stocked with everything from new Italian shotguns to older Britsh side by sides and everything in between.

“We have always had an unusually large collection of shotgun pairs and felt it was important to not let them got lost in a bustling gunroom,” the team explained. “We wanted to give our pairs of shotguns the real exposure they deserve… a dedicated room all to themselves!”

“A great deal goes into making a shotgun pair and they come in many different guises. We stock a number of true ‘factory pairs’ as well as several composed pairs (where guns were originally produced as individuals, but are matched well enough by wood and dimensions that they are practically sister guns).”

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