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Plans to boost shooting in Wales

BASC has proposed working with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in its response to NRW’s consultation on how it will develop its strategic work over the next three years. BASC has said that it can help promote healthy quarry populations and habitats, as well as encouraging access to shooting opportunities in Wales.

Dr Conor O’Gorman, policy development manager at BASC, told Shooting Times: “Natural Resources Wales recognises that the environment is one of our greatest resources and is vital for the range of services it provides. Shooting plays a key role, given that more than half a million hectares of land in Wales is influenced by management for shooting. As a result, almost £10m is spent every year on improving habitats and managing wildlife on that land.

“Natural Resources Wales is planning its strategic work over the next three years and BASC has recommended that the new public body helps to increase shooting opportunities on its estate, particularly in woodlands; that it supports the production and consumption of game meat and that it helps expand BASC’s Green Shoots programme across Wales.”