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Police logo used without authority on LACS site

The site is produced by the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare and purports to include ?best practice? guidelines for prosecuting hunts.

In her letter to Sir Hugh Orde, the president of ACPO, Ms Hoey wrote: The impression is given that the activities of these NGOs are somehow sanctioned by the police. Indeed, my first impression when I originally saw the website was that it was a police site.

In his reply, Sir Hugh wrote: The example of the ACPO logo you have included in your correspondence has not been sanctioned by my communications staff and I thank you for drawing this to our attention. It does appear that the site in question seeks to draw its readers? attention to the ACPO guidance, which of course they are entitled to do, however we will be approaching the organisation to challenge the use of our logo.

The ACPO logo has since been removed from the site. However, Ms Hoey went on to criticise the quasi-official style of the League?s ?Hunt Crimewatch? campaign, which also features a police-style logo.

She said: ?The League?s branding for their so-called hunt hotline is incredibly misleading and lends a veneer of authority to a campaign of intimidation and aggression against law-abiding hunts.

?The truth that LACS don?t want to admit to is that most hunts are welcomed by local residents and are hunting within the law.?