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Police look into kite death

The NGO has a zero-tolerance approach to all wildlife crime.

Police have launched an investigation into the likely poisoning of a red kite found dead last summer near Fakenham in Norfolk. A postmortem examination detected high levels of insecticides and pesticides, including bendiocarb, in the kite’s body. 

The bird had suffered no obvious injuries, which led to the examination being carried out under the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme in November. National Wildlife Crime Unit officers and the RSPB investigation team are now asking for the public’s help with the investigation. 

John Clarke, director of conservation, policy and the uplands at the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, said: “We were saddened to hear of the death of this red kite and the circumstances surrounding it. 

“As an organisation we have a zero-tolerance policy on all wildlife crime, including raptor persecution, and expect our members to adhere to the Code of Good Shooting Practice. We work closely with rural police forces across England and Wales to get to the bottom of any wildlife crime offences, to ensure that the law is adhered to, and that baseless accusations are not casually thrown around. 

“We would all like nothing better than to see birds of prey thriving across the UK.”