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Police say ring if you want to go shooting

Northumbria Police has called on shooters to ring the police to let them know every time they go out shooting.

The ?Community Messaging? email reads: Police are reminding outdoor enthusiasts to give them prior warning if they are taking part in shooting on land.

Any farmers or landowners that are planning to shoot on their land or organise a shoot should also contact police in advance.

It goes on to quote Northumbria Police superintendent, Mick Pearson: ?The calls we get around this time of year often turn out to be organised shoots where those taking part haven?t thought to inform the police. We tend to see a rise in these kinds of reports when the nights get lighter and more of these events are taking place.?

?Anyone taking part in or organising a shoot where weapons will be present should let us know when and where it?s happening. A phone call on the 101 number is enough to let officers know what?s going on.?

David Taylor of the Countryside Alliance responded: ?We are happy to work with police forces to reduce the amount of unnecessary callouts, which are in no one?s interest, but they also have to act too. It should not be an additional burden on those who shoot to have to inform the police every time they go out with a gun.?

?However, if someone is shooting in an area where alarm may be raised, it is sensible to inform the police first. Essentially it requires common sense on both sides, but the onus should also be on the Police to react proportionately.?

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