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Political correctness harms Welsh shooting

A former chairman of the Welsh Development Agency has told a Parliamentary committee that ?political correctness? is holding back shooting in Wales.

Sir Roger Jones, BASC?s council member for Wales, was giving evidence to the House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee?s inquiry into inward investment in the country.

He said: ?The political correctness that we have in Cardiff Bay is palpable. The value of shooting to the Welsh economy was £80million a season, about the same size as lamb exports, and it could have been doubled ever so easily if only there was a bit of focus. We could have done it, but we chose not to do it.?

Committee chairman David Davies agreed. He said: ?We run courses for surf studies on the basis that lots of surfing goes on in Wales, but there are no gamekeeping courses because it is politically incorrect, but am I right in thinking that some Americans will pay thousands of pounds for a weekend in Wales??

The rest of this article appears in 29th June issue of Shooting Times.

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