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Purdey celebrates 210 years

James Purdey has released 10 limited edition trigger-plate 28-bore game guns to celebrate the brand’s 210th anniversary. Purdey has forged a reputation as one of Britain’s finest gunmakers since 1814 and the trigger-plate shotguns are among its most covetable designs. 

Each of the 10 exclusive versions are built from exhibition-grade stock, with full pistol grip and solid game rib, made bespoke to the client’s measurements. The steel is engraved with the Purdey trigger-plate large scroll, with the owner’s choice of bird on the base of the action. They will also be engraved around the grip cap with “1814” and “2024”. 

“Details are understated and subtle, which is as it should be,” said director of gun sales Andrew Ambrose, who anticipates the 28-bore will suit to those who shoot in the US, as it’s designed for smaller birds such as quail. 

The package also includes a limited-edition embossed burgundy cartridge bag and gun slip, a leather case with essential gun-cleaning kit, and a limited-edition Purdey hunting knife made from damascus steel and high-quality walnut. The package price starts from £115,000 excluding VAT.