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Queen makes donation in support of gamekeepers

We always knew the Queen was a true countrywoman and here's the proof

Queen with gamekeepers

The Queen is well known as a champion of fieldsports

HM The Queen has 
shown her support for the fieldsports community by making a donation to the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust.
The gift to the charity was revealed following the Trust’s annual general meeting last month, though the donated sum remains undisclosed.

Queen Elizabeth in the field

A true countrywoman

The Queen once said that if she had not become Queen she would have liked to be a lady living in…

Founded in 1992, the Trust was set up to support gamekeepers, stalkers and gillies and their families or widows, who require help during ill health or infirmity, by providing financial grants. The Queen’s donation will help to further this work.


The Trust’s chief executive Helen Benson said: “We are justly proud to receive support from HM The Queen for gamekeepers, stalkers and gillies.

“The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust is expanding its services and constantly reviewing how the charity can help more effectively.