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Raffle ticket winner wins big double – a custom fit Perazzi MX12 AND a day’s shooting at Chargot

Mark Lilly's raffle ticket investment certainly paid off big-time, winning him a Perazzi

Perazzi MX12 Pro Sport

Christmas came early this year for heating and plumber engineer Mark Lilly. He was amazed at his luck when £40 worth of raffle tickets won him a brand new Perazzi MX12, custom fitted to suit him plus the opportunity to put it through its paces on a free day’s shooting at Chargot.

Mark is a hobby gamekeeper at his local shoot near Kilham in East Yorkshire. He said: “I was over the moon with winning the Perazzi first time but to win a day’s shooting at Chargot the week after I’m speechless…it’s an amazing stroke of good fortune!”

All for a £40 investment. Mark spent £10 on the ticket for the Perazzi competition and bought three tickets at £10 for the Chargot shoot day Tweedle,  an online platform that lets fieldsports enthusiasts win stuff that they’d really, really like, with tickets starting at around £7.50.

Whether the new Perazzi will make Mark an even better Shot remains to be seen.

Tweedl director Dan Collinson commented to Shooting UK: “Mark selected all his numbers via lucky dip and then both numbers were drawn at random. After he won we calculated his odds were nearly 300k to 1 of doing this, which is an amazing once in a lifetime event. In the first competition he had one ticket out of 1699 available and in the second commotion he bought 3 numbers from possible 525.”

So if you’re wondering what to ask for this Christmas and tired of receiving aftershave, socks and gift vouchers then maybe have a punt on a raffle and ask somebody to buy you a ticket from Tweedl.