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RBSS Handicap Classic special offer for Zoli shotgun users

Borrow a Zoli Z-Gun to shoot the Handicap Classic at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, and your entry fee will be reduced from £45 to £25 and you’ll also receive 100 Remington Premier International cartridges to compete with.

The exclusive one-day offer only applies on Saturday 6 April and must be pre-booked as places are limited.

Zoli’s UK brand ambassador, Becky Bream said: “This is the second day we have held a special Zoli promotional day during the Handicap Classic. Last time, the 12 and 20-gauge Zoli Z-Guns were being used continually throughout the day, so make sure you book your space as soon as possible.”

“Competitors relished the opportunity to try out the luxury Italian brand’s over-unders and many achieved impressive scores!”

The 12th annual Handicap Classic, which spans 14 weeks, gives all levels of shooters the chance to compete for the £14,000 prize fund. Each shooter is given a handicap based on their CPSA average, or, if they don’t have a CPSA average, on the accrued score over 40 of the 100 birds shot on the day.

This handicap is then added to their actual score, leveling out the playing field and opening it up to anyone.

To book your place to shoot with a Zoli, call 01491 672900.

RBSS Handicap Classic special offer for Zoli shotgun users