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Record prize fund for Handicap Classic at the RBSS

Held at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School in Pangbourne, the highly anticipated event gives all shooters the chance to compete together regardless
of class.

Managing Director, Dylan Williams explained that the handicap system gives an average club shot the chance to battle it out with world champions such as George Digweed, and have a genuine chance at winning.

Dylan said: ?Each shooter is given a handicap based on their CPSA average, or, if they don?t have a CPSA average, on the accrued score over 40 of the 100 birds shot on the day. This handicap is then added to their actual score, leveling out the playing field and opening it up to anyone.?

This year the prize fund stands at more than £14,000, with a Browning Heritage worth £5,400 going to the overall winner, and a Miroku MK60 worth £1,700 going to the highest scoring Browning/Miroku user.

Event sponsor David Stapley of Browning said: ?I am looking forward to the 2013 Handicap Classic at the RBSS, and I am delighted to be supporting the event once again. I would like to encourage all Browning and Miroku users to bring their gun to Royal Berkshire.?

For more information, visit or tel: 01491 672 900.

Record prize fund for Handicap Classic at the RBSS