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Rising Bite double rifles pass London Proof House tests

The first Rigby Rising Bite double rifles built by London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. for 83 years have passed the rigorous testing of the London Proof House.

Rising Bite rifle

Rising Bite double rifles are now being manufactured in .470 and .500 nitro calibres. Retailing at £95,000, the rifles take between two and three years to build and the first Rising Bite double rifle is due to be finished in time for Safari Club 2016, the annual hunting convention in Las Vegas.

Marc Newton, managing director at John Rigby & Co., said: “The fact that barreled Rising Bite actions are now passing proof at the London Proof House is a great testament to the excellent original designs that were developed at the turn of the last century. I can’t wait for the first rifle to be completed next year.”

Ed Workman, workshop manager at John Rigby & Co., said: “To see the first Rising Bite double rifle pass proof is a significant and historic achievement and one that makes me feel very proud. Passing proof is the be all and end for any gun and this is a great accolade for the whole Rigby team.”

The Rising Bite double rifle was so named because of its unique, world-renowned vertical bolt action. Around 1,000 Rising Bite double rifles were manufactured between 1900 until 1910.

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