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Rogue FEOs asking for more

Police forces are refusing to issue shotgun and firearms certificates without the applicant doing a course.

Most of us have heard of FEOs asking applicants to do their Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 before being granted a licence for a centrefire rifle, but Shooting Times was surprised last week to hear that some police forces are now asking for shotgun certificate applicants to do their BASC Game Shooter Certificate Level 1 in order to be granted a certificate.

One police insider described the situation as ‘bonkers’. ST contacted BASC about the news and we were told that the situation is a strange one but isn’t totally unheard of – it seems that some FEOs are going rogue in asking for qualifications. It also appears that after the Plymouth disaster, police forces are implementing tougher restrictions in a bid to be seen to be doing the right thing.

BASC’s Bill Harriman, the director of firearms, has various meetings with police forces in the next month and is looking forward to taking the issue up with them.