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RSPB unconvinced of eagle attack on lamb

A birdwatcher in the Scottish mountains got more than he bargained for when photographic evidence he captured in May 2010 of a golden eagle carrying off a lamb, was published last week. The picture was taken near Ben More, on the Isle of Mull. Since the 1960s, the golden eagle population has slowly recovered in Scotland, and some farmers have complained that numbers are out of control.

The unidentified photographer said: ?Suddenly, this massive eagle swooped into view. We could see it was carrying something beneath it and my wife thought it was a white hare. As it got closer, I said ?That?s no hare, it?s a lamb.? It was a very unusual sight and sad for the lamb, but it?s nature and that?s what happens.?

The rest of this article appears in 9th March issue of Shooting Times.

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