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Running to stop poaching

Few government resources are available to help tackle poaching in Africa, so the work of charities is vital.

Dorset-based Simon Littlejohn is running at least five miles every day of the year and racing in two ultramarathons to raise money to stop poaching in Africa. Mr Littlejohn, a wildlife cameraman, is raising funds for the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF).

Mr Littlejohn has a deep passion for wildlife, having filmed a variety of species over his career from pumas in Patagonia to vultures in Andalucia. His chosen charity, the IAPF, enlists local women and trains them to become anti-poaching field rangers. Mr Littlejohn highlighted the dangers of this job, with “95 rangers killed across Africa since July 2021”.

The 61-year-old is already more than two-thirds through his challenge and is also planning a 700km cycle from Biarritz to Barcelona next spring. “Psychologically it’s hard, but I will finish it,”Mr Littlejohn commented.

Author and firearms expert Diggory Hadoke spoke to ST about Mr Littlejohn’s feat: “Few government resources are available to tackle endemic poaching and many areas rely on charities to pay for the majority of anti-poaching measures. Without these interventions, even more of Africa would be open to the wholesale destruction of native flora and fauna.”