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Saboteur convicted over attack on 15 year old girl

Five men with a string of previous convictions — including for violent offences — are found guilty of using threatening words or behaviour.

The Countryside Alliance is welcoming the convictions of violent hunt saboteurs

Members of a notorious saboteur gang led by a convicted violent criminal have been found guilty of using threatening words and behaviour towards people watching a trail hunt near Oakham in Rutland.

Shooting Times reported the arrest and charging of Paul Allman, Matthew Slater, Charley Waring, Cameron Allman and Reuben Waterhouse in January this year. After the incident, police issued an appeal seeking witnesses after two men in their sixties and a teenage girl were assaulted.

Due to contempt of court laws, we were unable to reveal at the time that Paul Allman is a notorious thug with a prior conviction for violence and that Charley Waring has already served time after holding a knife to a victim’s throat during a burglary.

That dated back to 2017 when Waring was sentenced to 10 months in prison after pleading guilty to possessing a knife and to handling stolen goods.

The conviction came after Waring attempted to burgle a house where a heavily pregnant woman was in bed. When Waring and another man were chased by the woman’s son and partner, Waring pulled out a knife and the other man brandished an axe.

Paul Allman also has a previous conviction for assaulting a hunt Master and a long string of arrests for violent offences related to hunt sabotage. Examination of his Facebook timeline reveals videos of him practising martial arts and details about him being questioned by the police.

The group describes itself as the Stockport Monitors, an offshoot of Cheshire Saboteurs, a notoriously aggressive hunt saboteur group. In one video obtained by the group Hunting for Truth, a member of the Stockport Monitors claims to be a murderer and threatens to knock out a man. Shooting Times has been unable to verify his claims. Despite the group’s criminal connections, in 2020 it was given glowing coverage in the hunt saboteurs’ magazine, Howl.

Polly Portwin, director of the Countryside Alliance’s Campaign for Hunting, said: “Our rural communities should not have to suffer at the hands of violent criminals, simply for enjoying a day out in the countryside, following hounds. We welcome this guilty verdict and await the sentencing.”

The men will be sentenced at a hearing due to be held in September.