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SCA to help fund moorland bird research

The SCA has agreed to sponsor financially a data collection and mapping exercise designed to give a national picture of where such species are to be found.

Tim Baynes, SCA moorland director, commented: “We know that the ptarmigan is at considerable risk from climate change, as it is already limited to a montane habitat, and cannot retreat higher up the hill.

Golden plover populations are thought to be stable in some places where there is good moorland management, but are declining in other places. If land managers are to be able to help these beautiful birds, we need to understand the population patterns better and the reasons behind them.”

For further information and to take part in the survey, contact the SCA office, tel (0131) 335 0200, email [email protected], or visit the BTO website

The rest of this article appears in 5 January issue of Shooting Times.

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