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Schöffel pledges 1% of new fly-fishing clothing sales to salmon conservation charity

The company's new fishing range supports wild salmon and trout

Fishing for Atlantic salmon

Schöffel has pledged to donate one percent of turnover from the company's new fly-fishing clothing range to the Atlantic Salmon Trust

Schöffel has pledged to donate one percent of turnover from the company’s new fly-fishing clothing range to the Atlantic Salmon Trust, a charity dedicated to the conservation of wild salmon and sea trout at sea and in fresh water environments.

Says Marcus Janssen, Brand Director at Schoffel: “The Atlantic Salmon’s continued demise should be of deep concern to all of us. They are an iconic species, symbolically, culturally, economically and most importantly, ecologically. They are a barometer for the health of our marine and freshwater environments, and they are telling us that something is very, very wrong.
“For the past several decades, their numbers have been in steep decline, particularly here in the UK, and we need – must – do something about this. And if we are to reverse this alarming decline, we need information, and we need it fast. We need to know exactly what is happening to our precious salmon. And gladly, we have The Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) leading our research efforts to find out exactly what is going on. Once we have that information, we will be able to more effectively lobby government, organisations and companies to enact the necessary changes to bring these incredible fish back to our rivers in greater numbers.
“So at Schöffel, we are donating a percentage of the sales of all of our fly fishing range directly to the Atlantic Salmon Trust. They need as much support as possible.”

Schoffel Country clothing has been popular with gameshooters and fieldsports fans for nearly 30 years and the company has long been asked to produce fly-fishing clothing.
After three years of development and testing on rivers worldwide, the company has launched its new fly-fishing collection  which comprises two wading jackets, trousers, a shirt (available in four colourways), as well as technical base layers (leggings and a crewneck jumper), topped and tailed with technical fishing socks and a trucker cap.
Marcus Janssen was introduced to fly fishing at the age of five or six by his father and grandfather and comments: “We have developed two outstanding jackets. These have been tested by some of the best fly fishers, ghillies and experts, not only in the UK but Norway, Iceland and Russia.”