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Scotland: New game laws

BASC has welcomed the Scottish Parliament?s decision to pass the third and final stage of the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill, describing it as a ?sensible approach to new wildlife legislation?.

New measures introduced by the bill, which update laws, some of which were almost 200 years old, do not include a controversial amendment tabled by Labour MSP Irene Oldfather to ban completely the use of snares. Instead, snares will now be controlled by stricter regulations.

BASC Scotland?s Nicole Upton said: ?The bill has been a useful vehicle, which has given MSPs the opportunity to see land management activities, such as snaring, in practice and to be briefed in depth on how the countryside actually works. As a result, we have achieved something both sensible and workable.?

The bill also includes a new criminal vicarious liability offence, making landowners responsible for the actions of their employees. BASC described this as ?a measured and targeted approach to addressing wildlife crime.?

The rest of this article appears in 9th March issue of Shooting Times.

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